Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Mother's Prayer for her children

I love this prayer from "Every Day I Pray" by Iyanla Vanzant...I took the liberty of changing children to sons.  My blog last night made me melancholy.  I love you Nick and Justin.

Dear God
Thank you for trusting me with the tasks and duties of being a mother.  Thank you for the blessing that my sons are in my life.  Thank you for establishing a bond of love between me and my sons that cannot be broken, that is life sustaining, that is whole and holy.
Thank you ,God, for blessing my sons.
I pray that you will always bless their minds to be clear of all shadows of doubt.  Bless their hearts to be kind.  Bless their dreams that they may be fulfilled by your grace.
Thank you for sustaining my sons through the difficult experiences they will face in this life.
Thank you for writing your will and your ways upon their hearts and for calling them into remembrance in times of need.
I pray that you give them courage.  Give them strength! Give them a mind and a heart to do what is good and peaceful.
Thank you, God, for loving my sons even more than I do.
I pray that you love them when they feel hurt.  Love them when they feel fear.  Love them when they are not strong enough to love themselves.
Thank you, God, for protecting and guiding my sons when I am not around.
I pray that every good thing I have done for them stays present in their minds and fills their hearts.  That my words and deeds serve as good examples to them and for them.
Thank you for providing every need, fulfilling every dream and purifying every desire that my sons may have.
Thank you, God, for not turning your eyes away from my boys.
Thank you for their health and strength.
Thank you for lifting them above harm and steering them away from danger.
Thank you for  the coating of loving light and protection that encircles them wherever they may be.
Thank you, God, for your promise that a mother's prayer for her children will never go unheard or unanswered.
For this I am so grateful.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! This is exactly what I needed.

  2. This is beautiful! These are the words that fill my heart each and every day. Thanks for sharing. Now I can express my heart's desire as I resight this prayer each and every day.

  3. thanks for sharing.. may i copy the last parts.. thanks

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